Karen Silton Handcrafted ceramic jewelry

About the Artist

Karen Silton
Karen and Ginger

Even as a child, artist Karen Silton, a native of Los Angeles always had her own style and appreciation for beauty, texture and color. Throughout her career, spanning over 20 years in the ceramic, fashion, textile and stationary industries she has been consistently creative and innovative. Her highly detailed handpainted teapots, mini or children's tea sets, piggy banks and handshaped pieces have been favorites among collectors in recent years.

Her latest artistic endeavor is no exception. Karen has focused on sculpting realistically in clay, dog and cat breeds in miniature form that can be worn as jewelry--pins and pendants,used as ornaments or attached to heart shaped pedestals. Her attention to details such as tails, eyes, tongues, coat colors and markings have made these pieces very sought after as unique and personalized gifts and even memorials for beloved pets. She's also doing custom painted plates for dog owners to display their special friends.

Karen has licensed a special collection of her jewelry designs to Zarah Company which manufactures very high quality enamel and silver jewelry. She has also appeared on the Carol Duvall show on HGTV.

In her own words: "I love my current challenge of creating realistic portrayals of animals. When someone responds to my work with gratitude and amazement that I've created "their" pet's features so compellingly that they feel its presence I am so delighted!